4 Ways To Care For Your Jeep Leather Bag Properly

A high-quality Jeep leather bag is the result of years of craftsmanship by trained artisans, so treat it with respect. No, you don’t have to baby your leather bag, but you should learn how to properly care for your Jeep purse. Daily use, cleaning, conditioning, and storing your leather bag should be your top 4 considerations. Here are some pointers we’ve picked up along the way:

1. How to Take Care of Your Jeep Leather Bag on a Daily Basis

Your Jeep leather handbag is exposed to a number of stressors and harmful circumstances during everyday use. A little care can go a long way in preventing irreversible damage, from overstuffing to oil stains.

Keep your hands clean at all times

Because leather absorbs oils and other chemicals that come into contact with it, it’s critical to keep your hands clean when handling your leather bag. Over time, the oil from your skin can discolor the leather, resulting in stained areas. Furthermore, dirt, attracted by oil, makes your purse look dingy.

Makeup should be kept in a separate pouch

Because leather is prone to staining, it’s a good idea to keep potentially harmful materials separate from the rest of your bag. Invest in a cosmetic purse for your necessary makeup and a pencil case for any writing instruments that can leak.

Don’t Stuff Your Jeep Leather Handbag Too Much

It’s often tempting to stuff another item inside your Jeep handbag, but doing so on a regular basis can permanently alter the contour of your leather bag. To help preserve the elegant lines of your handbag, keep your belongings to a bare minimum. Additionally, avoid carrying too many large goods, as strain on your back’s handles can eventually cause the leather to warp or rip.

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Make Sure You Don’t Get Beauty Products on Your Bag

Hairspray, gel, and other hair treatments are harsh on leather, so keep your luggage out of the way when you’re changing up your look. Hair colors and styling chemicals can cause irreversible harm, so keep your handbag away from the chair at the salon. Perfume, spray deodorant, and lotion is all examples of beauty goods that can ruin your bag.

Maintain a Dry Environment

Moisture can quickly wreak havoc on your Jeep leather bag, causing swelling and form loss. Avoid carrying your leather luggage on rainy or snowy days if at all feasible. You can wipe your luggage dry with towels if you are caught in the rain or accidentally splash water on it in the ladies’ lavatory. Allow it to air dry for the remainder of the time; do not use a hairdryer or clothes drier.

2. Cleaning Your Jeep Leather Bag


  • A clean, soft cloth
  • Leather conditioner
  • Conditioner for leather
  • Bubble wrap or parchment paper
  • Bag for dust (or pillowcase)

Make sure you’re using clean hands to clean your leather purse. Grease and oil are easily absorbed by leather purses.

Every other day, give your leather messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack a short cleaning by sweeping it with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth. (Be careful not to overwet the leather; it takes time to dry.)

Cleaning Jeep leather bag

Do a more thorough cleaning once or twice a year to remove dirt accumulation. Use a leather cleaner developed exclusively for leather to clean your Jeep bag. To avoid clogging the pores of the leather, apply in a circular motion and wipe off with a slightly damp towel.

3. How To Keep Your Jeep Leather Bag In Good Condition

Leather conditioner is similar to lotion for your leather purse. Without it, the leather will eventually dry out.

Apply leather conditioner on a soft cloth and gently rub over the entire bag to avoid flaking and wrinkling.

To maintain your leather bag soft and supple, use conditioner at least twice a year, up to once a month or so, depending on the dryness or humidity in your environment.

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4. Keys To Keeping Your Jeep Leather Bag Safe

To recover and maintain the shape of your Jeep leather handbag, stuff it with bubble wrap or parchment paper (not a newspaper, as it would smudge). If you want to reduce humidity, put your stuffed leather bag in its original dust bag and then in its original box, along with silica gel packets. To avoid mold growth, air your leather bag every two weeks.


Make sure water doesn’t soak into the leather. If your handbag or jacket gets too wet, quickly brush away the excess moisture. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the leather; instead, let it air dry before applying a leather conditioner.

Cleaning agents containing alcohol should be avoided because they will dry out and perhaps discolor your leather handbag or bag.

More advice

Whether you’re working with a leather handbag, leather purse, or leather jacket, our leather bag care tips apply. You’re good to go as long as your cleaner and conditioner are made for real leather.

You don’t need to take care of your leather bag, but keep in mind that prolonged exposure to the outdoors will dramatically age the leather. Make the necessary changes to your leather care and cleaning routine.

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