What is Duck Duck Jeep? How to Play?

What is Duck, Duck, Jeep? How to Play?

A look at the fun new trend of putting rubber ducks on Jeeps, as well as some possible reasons why this is happening and where it started.

Jeep owners have had a special wave for a long time to show each other that they get along, but that wasn’t enough. Rubber duck fans had to go one step further and make a fun game out of them. What is Duck, Duck, Jeep? How did rubber ducks become a must-have for SUV owners?

In this guide, we cover everything you might want to know. Not only do we explain what the ducks are doing on the Jeeps, but we also show you how to play the fun game if you want to join in. We also talk about how and why the fun game got started.

What is Duck Duck Jeep?

“Mother Ducker” Allison Parliament started the “Duck Duck Jeep Craze” in Ontario, Canada. Alison works in Alabama, but she is from Ontario, Canada. In July 2020, Allison Parliament was back home in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. Some strangers approached her because of the Alabama license plate on her Jeep and verbally attacked her because they were worried about a pandemic. Instead of fighting back, Allison Parliament bought a giant yellow rubber duck and put it on a fellow Jeep owner with a note, then posted the picture on Facebook. The post went viral, and the Duck duck jeep craze began. There are now more than 60,000 people in the private Facebook group for Duck duck Jeep.

How did Jeep Ducking start?

Since World War II, when soldiers would give each other a “V” for victory, the Jeep Wave has been around. But Jeep Ducking takes the classic wave one step further and makes it possible to connect with even more people.

Allison Parliament, who was living in Alabama during COVID-19, decided to visit her family in Ontario, Canada. In June 2020, she drove home in 20 hours. She had to stop to get some gas before she got there. When a man saw that her license plates were from the United States, he beat her up. Allison was grabbed and pushed into her Jeep, which was very scary and hurt her a lot. She could have stayed stuck, but she chose to use the situation to encourage other Jeep owners.

She found a bag of rubber ducks when she went into a small shop nearby. At first, she wanted to use the ducks to hurt her cousin by leaving them around his house. But as she was leaving the shop, she saw another Jeep. She wrote “nice Jeep” on a duck and put it on the back of the SUV.

When the stranger saw Allison doing it, they both laughed about it. Allison knew that she had to make this event bigger if she wanted to hit more Jeeps.

“It comes naturally for me to be kind.”

After this, Allison and her cousin started talking about the idea of leaving ducks on Jeeps on a larger scale. In July 2020, Allison made a page on Instagram called “Duck Duck Jeep” and later on Facebook called “Official Ducking Jeeps“. Within a month, these social media pages had gained around 10,000 followers and were growing “like wildfire“. Today, more than 50,000 people follow the Facebook page, and around 200,000 people around the world belong to other Duck Duck Jeep groups. This includes Jeep fans in Africa and Europe. This one random act of kindness has spread around the world in less than a year.

When you talk to Allison, it’s clear that she was born with a kind heart. When she was a teenager, she lived in Indiana with her family and a neighbor who had ALS. She and her family would often bring them food and help them around the house. She also said that her aunt was a schoolteacher, and that she bought jackets for students who needed them. In a similar way, Allison uses her Jeep Ducking social media following to raise money for a charity that helps teachers buy supplies for their classrooms. The money comes from the sale of t-shirts and decals made by her mother, as well as a portion of sales from vendors. “We wanted to take what was good about what we did and make it even better.” – Allison Parliament said.

By July 2020, Allison had made the Official Ducking Jeeps Facebook page and the Duck Duck Jeep Instagram page. Within a month, more than 10,000 people were following these social media pages, which shows that people were interested in sharing happiness. There are now more than 50,000 people on the Facebook page, so it is still growing. It is the only page that actively works with Jeep, so be careful about who you follow because there are a lot of fakes.

Now, Jeep Ducking has spread around the world, and Jeep owners all over are doing random acts of kindness. The most impressive thing about Allison is how she turns her small profits into blessings. She gave all of the money she made from the social media accounts to a charity that helps teachers get the supplies they need for their classrooms. It seems like this amazing young woman always has other people in mind.

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Duck, Duck, Jeep: How to play

1. Buy ducks

Before you can start, you need to make sure you have enough ducks. Rubber ducks can be bought at most stores, even convenience stores. You can also buy them in large quantities online, like on Amazon.

Have fun picking your ducks so that you can stand out from the others. If you own a business, you might also think about having your name or logo put on them. If not, feel free to write something happy on the ducks.

2. Mark ducks

In addition to putting your logo or a saying on the duck, you need to label them so that people can find them on social media. You should put #duckingjeeps on them. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #duckduckjeep as well. With these hashtags, you tell the person who gets the ducks how to post pictures of them on social media so that other people can see them.

3. Put ducks on Jeep

When it’s time to put your duck somewhere, you need to be careful. Find a Jeep and look for a place where you can be responsible. You want it to be in a place where the owner can see it right away. But the rubber ducks could melt in very hot weather, so don’t put them near the engine where it gets hot.

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4. Post pictures online

Take some photos of the duck on the Jeep. If this is your Jeep, you should post these photos online to inspire other people. You can refer to the groups we talked about above. Just use the hashtag so that everyone can find you.

5. Enjoy yourself

The most important thing is to have fun while doing it. This game was made to be fun and to help you meet other Jeep fans from all over the country. It’s important not to think too much about yourself. Try not to be upset if you get ducked. Instead, think of it as a nice gesture from someone who took time out of their busy day to cheer you up. In return, you should send more ducks to other Jeep owners to show your appreciation.

Jeep Ducking FAQs

Can any Jeep play the game Duck Duck Jeep?

Yes, there are no official rules for Jeep Ducking, so any kind of Jeep can play. But people with Jeep Wranglers are more likely to “duck” other Wranglers, so if you have a Jeep Wrangler, it’s definitely easier to join.

What hashtags should I use?

You can put anything you want on the Duck duck Jeep tag, but the hashtags #duckduckjeep and #duckingjeeps are probably a good idea. You can also leave the owner a personal message if you want to.

Is Duck Duck Jeep just for Wranglers?

No, you don’t have to have a Wrangler to do Jeep Ducking. You can do it with any Jeep model now, but Wranglers were the first and are still the most popular. Jeep ducking has no official rules, so you can join in and do whatever you want.

​​What do rubber ducks symbolize?

The thought behind it is that the rubber duck is a representation of happiness and childhood memories that can make people feel better no matter where they are from, how old they are, or what race they are.

How do I get my Jeep ducked?

There is no one way to get your Jeep ducked. But Jeep Wranglers are more likely to get ducked, so you want one of these to increase your chances. You should also park in big parking lots near where the game is.

What are Jeep easter eggs?

Since the late 1990s, each Jeep has had a fun design detail hidden somewhere on it. People call these little visual gifts “Easter eggs” because they are sometimes hard to find and because they are small treats. You can find all of Jeep easter eggs on your Jeep by reading this >>

What does it mean when someone says 10 4 rubber ducky?

10-4 is a “Yes” signal, meaning “OK.” Charles Hopper, who was in charge of communications for the Illinois State Police between 1937 and 1940, is credited with making the ten-codes. They are used by police to talk on the radio.

What’s next?

Now that you know what Duck duck Jeep is, get some rubber ducks, share a good mood, and join the new way Jeep owners all over the world are getting to know each other through small rubber ducks. Most people whose Jeeps have been ducked for the first time say they were happy when they found little ducks with messages on their Jeeps. So feel free to jump over a Jeep and have fun while you’re at it.

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