7 Tips To Choose A Well Made Handbag

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Tips and styles for choosing a bag would say a lot about your style. Your handbag is an important part of your outfit, so you should choose it based on what you like and how your body is shaped. Go to the locker room when you go shopping to see if the bag fits your style and body type.

This article has some suggestions for how to choose the best handbag for you. If you pay attention to the following things when choosing bags, you can get the best design.

Length and size

If you choose the wrong purse, you will look shapeless and ugly. Choose something that fits your shape. If you have big hips, try a bag that fits around your waist and draws attention to the thinner part of your waist. This will make you look thinner. So, it’s important to think about your body type when picking out a handbag.

Fanny pack bag

Most fashion experts say that if you’re short and small, small handbags will look best with your outfit. This is because if you choose large handbags, you will look smaller. If you’re tall and thin, on the other hand, you should stay away from these small bags. You can count on some medium-sized, big, or bulky handbags because these sizes will look best on you.

Don’t just choose something because it’s popular. Tall ladies in small bags would look weird. So you should think about how big your new purse is. If you are short, strong bags with an angle will look great on you. If you’re a big person, avoid small bags with patterns and choose medium-sized bags in the shape of boxes, whether they’re small or big.


If you are wearing casual clothes, don’t carry a formal purse. Check out models with stylish looks. Find out what kinds of handbags they like. You can get an idea from this.

If you buy fashion, don’t choose the wrong things. What matters most is how well the handbag fits you.


Using handbags is a very important thing to consider. Why will you use the handbag, and what will you use it for? To finish off your outfit, to carry your wallet, or for other needs.

Make sure you have a separate place for your phone, as well as for your computer and wallet.

What is inside my Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

It’s very important to know what a handbag will be used for. To be practical, you should think about how it will be used, since every event, place, and time of year calls for a different style and shape of the handbag. Just make sure that the handbag you choose goes with the place or event, and you’ll have no doubt that you’ll have the stylish outfit you want.

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Handbag models

There are a lot of different shapes, styles, and colors of handbags. You might be going to a special event, a party, a regular job, or a prom. No matter where you’re going, it doesn’t matter. The most important part of your style is the bag you carry.

Depending on what kind of purse you like, your job will be easier. It will also be a key part of making your own style. When looking at the best handbags, you should think about your needs and style.

Here are 7 ways you can tell if a handbag is good:

Fast Fashion is a movement that is spread by big chain stores that sell clothes for ridiculously low prices. On the surface, Fast Fashion seems to give people access to a huge range of clothes at very good prices. But people who look more closely at this trend say that in the end, buyers end up spending as much or more than they would have if they had gone with the higher-quality, more expensive option in the first place.

fast fashion clothing

The same trend has now spread to handbags. Knowing how to spot poorly made handbags (some of which are made by expensive and luxury brands) can make the difference between having a bag last for a few months or for decades.

1. Stitching the same distance apart

Handbags made by proud, skilled workers will have stitches that are all the same distance apart. This means that each stitch is the same size on the inside and the outside. A poorly made bag will have stitches that aren’t even or are different sizes.

2. The stitching around the edges is great

One of the hardest parts of making a handbag is making sure the stitches stay the same distance apart around the corners. Because of this, the corners and how they are stitched are great ways to tell how good a bag is. When you find a handbag designer who keeps the stitching at the same distance in these more complicated design areas, you know you’ve found a brand that cares about the small details.

stitching of Neverfull bags

3. Pay close attention to the bag’s hardware

A good rule of thumb is that if the hardware on a handbag looks cheap or looks cheap in general, the bag is probably not well made. Finishes are a small but important way for brands to put their mark on a bag. When manufacturers don’t put much thought into the hardware, it shows that they don’t care much about the final product as a whole.

4. Make sure it’s very simple to clean

The things you use every day are likely to get dirty, stained, and messed up. Depending on what your bag is made of, these messes might stay there for good, or they might be able to be cleaned up.

The mistake can be fixed quickly. With the nylon used to make PHD bags, spills can be cleaned up with a few sprays of Windex and a wipe.

cleaning a black bag

5. Know what you can do with your zipper

The simple mechanism of a zipper gives you a wide range of options. Metal zippers are sometimes mistakenly thought to be the better choice, but they can get stuck easily and cost a lot to replace. If you choose a high-quality plastic zipper that can fix itself, you won’t have any problems.

6. Check to see if the lining can’t be torn

If a bag doesn’t have a lining that can’t be torn, one pencil or pen can ruin it. The PHD lining is made in Italy, and it is carefully made so that it can’t be torn or written on.

7. Check the way the book is bound

When the binding is made well, it fits close to the corners of a handbag. If a woman is looking for a high-quality bag, she should be on the lookout for puckered binding.

No matter what brand you like, if you keep these seven tips in mind the next time you buy a handbag, you’ll get the quality and craftsmanship your money deserves.

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